Ep 04: Relying on our own actions, or Relying on God?

Do we rely on our own actions, or do we rely on God? What is the difference between the two? Have you ever found yourself feeling, “what’s the point of it all, God doesn’t hear my prayers?” This episode explores some of these questions and reminds us that our trust should never be just on our own actions.



Episode Notes

Quran mentioned

  • 2:282 – Awareness of God comes before learning
  • 2:197 – pack for Hajj, but don’t forget to pack your taqwa.
  • 22:11 – worshiping God on the edge

Hadith mentioned

  • “Taqwa is here…” Sahih Muslim
  • “No one will enter Paradise with their action…even me except if Allah will cover me with His Mercy.” Sahih Bukhari
  • “Strange is the affair of the believer because it is always good” Sahih Muslim


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