Ep 07: The Cave

Ep 07: The Cave

The chapter of the Cave (chapter 18) tells a story of a group of young men fleeing persecution. However, aside from being a historical story, it speaks to us personally. We all have some sort of injustice that we need to run away from, and the greatest cave we can find solace in is our own heart. How can we accomplish this, how can we be safe in the cave that is within?



Episode Notes

Quran Mentioned

  • “To you is your religion, and to me is mine”, 109:6
  • “They were a small group who believed, so We increased them in guidance”, 18:13
  • “Have awareness of God, and God will teach you”, 2:282
  • “Read in the name of your Lord who created you”, 96:1
  • “Those who remember God standing, sitting, lying, and contemplate the creation of the heavens and the earth”, 3:191
  • “O you who believe, remember God often”, 33:41
  • “Flee towards God”, 51:50


Hadith Mentioned

  • On the practice of reciting the chapter of the Cave (Kahf) on Fridays: al-Ḥākim in his Mustadrak
  • Everything has a polish and the polish of the hearts is the remembrance of God: Bayhaqi
  • Make remembrance of God until people say you are crazy: Imam Ahmad in his Musnad
  • “I created you for my worship so don’t fool around…” Not really a hadith, but a popular statement found in some Islamic literature. We therefore do not ascribe it to the Prophet ﷺ, but its meaning is sound.
  • “Allah is beautiful and loves beauty”: Muslim
  • “Allah has written perfection (ihsan) on everything”: Muslim

People Mentioned

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