Ep 13, Prophetic Models of Coexistence, pt4

This episode talks about the Constitution of Madina and the formation of a plural state under the leadership of the Prophet.




Episode Notes
2:45 – beginning of the migration to Madina
3:48 – building of the first mosque
6:00 – the plurality of Madina
7:08 – the brotherhood program of Madina
10:45 – the constitution of Madina
11:17 – defining boundaries of the new state
11:58 – Quraysh as enemies of the state
13:08 – freedom of religion
13:46 – common source of legislation
15:15 – freedom of movement
16:08 – the Magna Carta
17:25 – concept of citizenship
19:30 – importance of the rule of law and accessibility of law
22:21 – importance of the sanctity of life
25:17 – freedom of religious belief
27:36 – civic action
28:40 – freedom of movement
33:29 – dealing with the hypocrites

Selected Links
Prophet’s Mosque
Muhajirun (Early Meccan Muslims)
Aws & Khazraj
Jews of Madina
Constitution of Madina
Magna Carta
Final Hajj Sermon
Nuremberg tribe
Hypocrites of Madina

Quran mentioned

“We have honored human beings”, 17:70
“Am I not your Lord?”, 7:172
“there is no compulsion in matters of religion”, 2:256

Hadith mentioned
“Even if Fatima the daughter of Muhammad were to steal, etc…”, Abu Dawud
“go you are all free”, Ibn Ishaq
hadith on not killing hypocrites, Bukhari

People mentioned
Fatima al-Zahra

Ep 12: The 15th of Sh’abān

With the beginning of the month of Sh’aban we have a tremendous opportunity on the eve of the 15th to prepare for Ramadan. This is also a reminder of the importance of supplication (dua) and charity.


Selected Links
For a more detailed look into the reasons behind creation and self-purification in Islam see this blog post.
Preserved Tablet 
Battle of Hunayn

Quran mentioned
“We have not created mankind and jinn kind except to worship”, 51:56
“Blessed is the person who refines their self, and wretched is the person who doesn’t”, 91:9
“He caused you to dwell on earth and asked you to build it”, 11:61
“I am sending to this earth a vicegerent (khalīfa)”, 2:30
“If my servant asks about Me, indeed I am near”, 2:186
“We are closer to him than his own jugular”, 50:16

Hadith mentioned
“I was only sent to perfect human character”, Ahmad
“whoever doesn’t ask Allah, He is upset”, Ahmad
“Ask Allah and you are certain of the response”, Ahmad
“Allah was and nothing was with Him”, Bukhari
Shafi dua of 15th of shaban accepted dua, Imam al-Shafi in his Um.
“Prophet was most generous and more generous in Ramadan”, Bukhari
“cure your sick with charity”, al-Bayhaqi

People mentioned
Ibn ‘Arabi
Abu Sufyan

Ep 10: The Night Journey of the Prophet

The eve of the 27th of Rajab is traditionally when Muslims commemorate and celebrate the Night Journey of the Prophet of Islam (Isrā’ wa’l M’irāj). While an immensely detailed story, this episode focuses on four practical takeaways to make this year’s celebration impactful and uplifting.


Year of Sorrow
On removing harm in Islamic law

Quran Mentioned
“With hardship is ease”, 94:5-6
People who worship on the edge, 22:11
Quran was not revealed for us to be miserable, 20:2
“Ask the people of remembrance if you don’t know”, 16:43
“Prayer is difficult for those who don’t have presence”, 2:45
Remembering God a lot, 33:41
“Remember God lying, siting, and standing,” 3, 191

Hadith Mentioned
“That which is between us and the non-believers is prayer”, Nisai
“There is no good in a religion that does not have prayer, Abu Dawud

People Mentioned
Abu Talib
Lady Khadija

Ep 09: Prophetic Models of Coexistence, Pt2

The first model of Prophetic Coexistence was life in Mecca both before revelation and afterward. The key lesson is massive amounts of patience.


Episode Notes

3:25 Life in Makka before Islam
4:26 the difference between usury and bank interest
7:20 Khadija describing the character of the Prophet
8:40 The treaty of Fuḍūl and the Prophet acting on it
11:30 He lived in the community, but was not consumed by that community
12:10 He took his cousin Ali in his house due to economic hardship
13:06 Who were the first believers?
13:45 The beginning of Prophecy
14:49 Meccans not tolerating the early Muslims
16:50 The persecution of Bilal
18:15 The first martyrs of Islam
18:41 The patience of the Prophet and the early community
20:18 The spiritual benefits of patience
23:03 The Prophet never called for arms while being persecuted
24:45 The Prophet never cut his ties with the K’aba
25:43 The difference between correct religion and literalism


Treaty of Fudul

Quran Mentioned

The girl child asks why she was killed, 81:8
“We will test you with loss of wealth and loss of family” 2:155
“He gives Dominion to who He Wants…” 3:26

Hadith Mentioned

Ja’afar’s hadith to the Najashi, al-Tabarani
Khadija’s hadith on being a good man, etc., Muslim
“O patience family of Yasir..”, Bayhaqi
Makkans offering the Prophet to be a King, Seera Ibn Hisham
“belief in destiny; its good and its bad”, Muslim

People Mentioned
J’afar Ibn Abi Talib
Lady Khadija
Ali Bin Abi Talib
Abu Bakr