Ep 09: Prophetic Models of Coexistence, Pt2

The first model of Prophetic Coexistence was life in Mecca both before revelation and afterward. The key lesson is massive amounts of patience.


Episode Notes

3:25 Life in Makka before Islam
4:26 the difference between usury and bank interest
7:20 Khadija describing the character of the Prophet
8:40 The treaty of Fuḍūl and the Prophet acting on it
11:30 He lived in the community, but was not consumed by that community
12:10 He took his cousin Ali in his house due to economic hardship
13:06 Who were the first believers?
13:45 The beginning of Prophecy
14:49 Meccans not tolerating the early Muslims
16:50 The persecution of Bilal
18:15 The first martyrs of Islam
18:41 The patience of the Prophet and the early community
20:18 The spiritual benefits of patience
23:03 The Prophet never called for arms while being persecuted
24:45 The Prophet never cut his ties with the K’aba
25:43 The difference between correct religion and literalism


Treaty of Fudul

Quran Mentioned

The girl child asks why she was killed, 81:8
“We will test you with loss of wealth and loss of family” 2:155
“He gives Dominion to who He Wants…” 3:26

Hadith Mentioned

Ja’afar’s hadith to the Najashi, al-Tabarani
Khadija’s hadith on being a good man, etc., Muslim
“O patience family of Yasir..”, Bayhaqi
Makkans offering the Prophet to be a King, Seera Ibn Hisham
“belief in destiny; its good and its bad”, Muslim

People Mentioned
J’afar Ibn Abi Talib
Lady Khadija
Ali Bin Abi Talib
Abu Bakr




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