Ep 10: The Night Journey of the Prophet

The eve of the 27th of Rajab is traditionally when Muslims commemorate and celebrate the Night Journey of the Prophet of Islam (Isrā’ wa’l M’irāj). While an immensely detailed story, this episode focuses on four practical takeaways to make this year’s celebration impactful and uplifting.


Year of Sorrow
On removing harm in Islamic law

Quran Mentioned
“With hardship is ease”, 94:5-6
People who worship on the edge, 22:11
Quran was not revealed for us to be miserable, 20:2
“Ask the people of remembrance if you don’t know”, 16:43
“Prayer is difficult for those who don’t have presence”, 2:45
Remembering God a lot, 33:41
“Remember God lying, siting, and standing,” 3, 191

Hadith Mentioned
“That which is between us and the non-believers is prayer”, Nisai
“There is no good in a religion that does not have prayer, Abu Dawud

People Mentioned
Abu Talib
Lady Khadija

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