Ep. 18: The Power of Supplication

Supplication (dua) is one of the greatest tools we have. While Ramadan is usually a time we focus on that, this episode shares why it’s important as a daily routine.


Quran Mentioned
“Fasting has been prescribed upon you, as it was prescribed on those before you” 2:183
“Remind them of the days of God” 14:5
“If you sought to count the blessings of God you would not be able to enumerate them” 16:18

Hadith Mentioned
“Supplication is worship”, Ahmad
“Supplication is the head of worship”, al-Tirmidhi
“Whoever doesn’t ask God, He becomes upset with”, Ahmad
“Ask God and be certain in the response”, al-Tirmidhi and al-Hakim

People Mentioned
Imam Ghazali’s book on supplication
Ibn Atta’ Allah

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