Ep. 20: Islamic Spirituality, pt 3

One of the richest traditions Islam has is its spiritual tradition, or Sufism as it is more commonly known. In this 5 part series I introduce the richness of this tradition from a bird’s eye view perspective and offer some practical tools in later episodes that I have found to be tremendously useful in all aspects of my life.


Episode Notes
2:24 overview of hadith of Gabriel, and the parts that make up the whole
3:32 overview of the differences between the body, the soul, and the self
4:12 multiple words for the self in Islamic literature
5:40 the three goals to existence as outlined in the Quran
15:00 the nafs is referred to in different names in the Quran
15:50 the 7 levels of the nafs
19:30 the focus historically is how to traverse these levels
19:50 the five subtle things
22:45 the importance of past experience
25:10 moving into the practical side of Islamic spirituality
30:00 the importance of traversing these levels as a fundamental approach to Islamic spirituality

Selected Links
Movie The Terminal
Levels of the self article

Quran Mentioned
“enter into Islam completely” 2:208
“we have not created jinn or humans except to worship” 51:56
“created you on earth and asked from us to build it (development)” 11:61
“blessed is he who has improved their nafs…” 91:9-10
“the self that calls to bad actions” 12:53
“blameworthy self” 75:2
“mutmainna nafs” 89:27
“made faith believing to you and beautidued it inside you….” 49:7

Hadith Mentioned
“be in the world like a traveler” Bukhari
“worshiping God as if you see Him” Muslim
“Companions are best generation” Bukhari
“next person to come in is a person of paradise” Ahmad

People Mentioned
Imam al-Shafi
Imam Malik

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