Ep. 21: Islamic Spirituality, pt4

One of the richest traditions Islam has is its spiritual tradition, or Sufism as it is more commonly known. In this 5 part series I introduce the richness of this tradition from a bird’s eye view perspective and offer some practical tools in later episodes that I have found to be tremendously useful in all aspects of my life.


Episode Notes

3:09 an overview of principles of the Path
3:17 principle #1, God is the goal
7:11 principle #2, the one who gazes, doesn’t arrive
10:56 principle #3, time is the most important commodity
17:29 principles #4, not about arriving first, it’s about sincerity
19:51 principles #5, with time worship becomes easy
22:01 principles #6, takhliyya (removing bad traits), tahliyya (gaining positive traits), tajalli (illumination)
26:32 principle #7, spiritual experiences and insights

Selected Links

Rabia’s poetry
Purification of the Heart

Quran Mentioned

If my servant asks of Me, I am near, 2:186
It is difficult except for the sincere, 2:45
And when they rise to pray to they rise lazily, 4:142

Hadith Mentioned

“Worship God as if you see Him”, (Muslim)
“Be with Allah and don’t be concerned”, (I miss spoke and this is a common statement, and not a hadith)
Playing with your spouse is a form of worship, (Bukhari, Abu Dawud, al-Bayhaqi, and al-Tabarani)
“Indeed knowledge is by acting knowledgeable, and kindness is by acting kind.” (Tabarani)

People Mentioned

Rabia al-Adawiyya
Imam al-Shafi
Hamza Yusuf

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