Ep. 27: Islamic Principles #2: Mercy

How can we make sense of Islam today? This is not only the name of this podcast, but a question that I’ve been obsessed with for decades. This series shares several first-principles that we need to keep in mind as we seek to answer this question. Some will seem basic (but need repeating) and others might be new. In both cases these meta-principles are essential tools to make sense of it all.

Quran Mentioned
We have not sent you except as a mercy to mankind, 21:107
Indeed in the Messenger of God is a perfect example, 33:21

Hadith Mentioned
Hadith of 99 names, (Tirmidhi)
My Mercy precedes my wrath, (al-Dhahabi)
I made injustice haram, (Muslim)
I have been sent as a merciful gift, (Bayhaqi)
None of you truly believe until you love the Prophet more than your own self, (Bukhari)
First hadith (aka the hadith of mercy), (Tirmidhi)
“go you are free” (Ibn Hisham’s Seera)

People Mentioned
Imam Jazuli (d. 1465)

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