Ep. 32: Celebrations and Holidays: #1: New Year’s

With New Year’s just around a corner, I was motivated to put together a short episode exploring some of the lessons we can learn from the history of our own calendar as well as practices we can engage in to celebrate the passing of one year and the beginning of a new one. I hope this motivates you all to celebrate and have fun!



Quran Mentioned
Verse on pre-Islamic Arabs extending the months: (9:37)


Hadith Mentioned

At the Prophet’s final Hajj the calendar was set right. (Bukhari and Muslim)
”Hold to my sunna…” (Abu Dawud)
“Whoever is not concerned with the affairs of the Muslim is not from them”
Hadith of the boats (Bukhari)
“all humans sin, and best of sinners are those who constantly turn in repentance.”

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