Ep. 34: Islamic Principles #7: Abrogation

Abrogation, while a technical subject in the science of jurisprudence, has a significant impact in how we understand the Quran today. In this episode I am openly promoting a certain interpretation that there is not abrogation in the Quran. While an acceptable interpretive opinion, it was always a minority one. This is changing today amongst senior clerics, and I hope this discussion makes it clear why.


Quran Mentioned
“We have revealed Quran and We alone preserved it” (15:9)
“We do not abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten, except that we bring something better than it” 2:106
“To you is your religion and to me is my religion”(109:6)
“Whoever wants let them believe, and whoever does not, don’t believe.” (18:29)

Hadith Mentioned
“I used to forbid you from visiting the graveyards, but now you should go visit them.” (Muslim)

People Mentioned
Abdullah Ibn Siddiq al-Ghumari
Ali Gomaa
Abu Muslim al-Asfahani (d. 325AH)
Fakhr al-Din al-Razi
Hafz ‘an Asim
Abi ‘Amr al-Basri
Ibn Kathir
Dr. Sherman Jackson

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