Ep. 36: Islamic Principles #9: The Meta-Goals of Islamic Law

After the formation and codification of Islamic law, jurists turned to articulating what the meta-goals of the law were. These five meta-goals serve as a reminder to the jurist and layperson alike that any form of Islam that violates or harms one or more of these, is an Islam that is fundamentally incompatible with Prophetic guidance.




Quran Mentioned
“We have created you into nations and tribes in order to know one another” (49:13)
“to you is your faith, and to me is mine” (109:6)
“whoever wills let them believe, whoever doesn’t, do not let them believe” (18:29)
“there is no compulsion in religion” (2:256)
“We have honored the human being” (17:70)
“…churches, temples, and mosques where God’s name is mentioned” (22:40)

Hadith Mentioned
“My community has been forgiven for mistakes, forgetfulness, and being forced to act.” (Ibn Majah & al-Bayhaqi)
“wisdom is the lost property of the believer” (al-Tirmidhi & Ibn Majah)


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