Ep. 58: Islamic Principles #21: Dialogue

We do not live alone. We are constantly interacting, communicating, and dialoguing with others. Yes, the term “interfaith dialogue” frequently comes up in the context of religion, but in this episode I have something much more broad than that in mind.  After all, these are our first principles meant to provide guidance for us in all aspects of our life. Hopefully this brief discussion will provide a framework for constructive communication and dialogue with others.

Episode Notes

The hadith that Prophets were sent to their people, but Prophet Muhammad was to sent to Mankind, Bukhari

Recite (96:1)
People that know are not like those who do not know (39:9)
You ca not guide whom you want, We guide whom We will (28:56)
Verses on the creation of Adam and the dialogue of the angels (2:31-37)

Ibn Hazm

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