A Fatwa is a non-binding Sharia-based legal opinion given as an answer to a question. My approach to fatwas is the methodology codified in Egypt’s National Fatwa Office (Dār al-Iftā’ al-Miṣriyya).

  1. My academic/Sharia background
  2. The question of free will
  3. Three rules to filtering Islamic information
  4. Why did God create evil
  5. How to deal with non-religious parents
  6. Does Islam encourage violence 
  7. Are women allowed to work in Islam
  8. Arranged marriages in Islam 
  9. Music in Islam
  10. Polygamy in Islam
  11. Does dress indicate level of faith
  12. How to deal with disbelievers 
  13. How should a Muslim treat non-Muslims
  14. Praying in a Church
  15. Eating halal meat in the West
  16. Divorce in Islam
  17. Making up missed prayers
  18. Missing jumua prayer
  19. Understanding the fatwa of a 18+ hour fast day
  20. Keeping a Ramadan journal
  21. Itkaf in Ramadan
  22. Reading the Quran while on your period
  23. Having a Ramadan buddy
  24. Eating by mistake in Ramadan
  25. Praying and Fasting on a plane
  26. Struggling with hijab
  27. Questioning the existence of God
  28. why is eating pork haram
  29. The concept of heresy in Islam
  30. Muslim inventors
  31. How do I know if Allah loves me
  32. The marriage of Lady Aisha
  33. Feelings between genders
  34. Non-Muslims in the mosque
  35. Food and medicine with alcohol
  36. Relationships before marriage 
  37. Test vs. punishment
  38. Why are Muslim women oppressed 
  39. Birth control and abortions
  40. brother and sister sharing a room
  41. Unfaithful husband and divorce
  42. Eating non-halal food at school
  43. Child exploring sister’s clothes 
  44. Going back to the same sin
  45. Being in love with a non-Muslim man
  46. Missed fasts
  47. Mortgage
  48. Will non-Muslims go to heaven
  49. Plastic surgery
  50. Can I pray wearing my shoes
  51. Tattoos 
  52. Can I uncover my hair in front of my cousin at home
  53. I work in a school where hijab is not allowed 
  54. Islam and homosexuality 
  55. Men and vasectomy 
  56. Natural disasters 
  57. Birthday celebrations in Islam
  58. I get confused when I pray
  59. Dealing with in-laws
  60. Muslim women living alone
  61. Marrying a Muslim outside my culture
  62. My daughter says she’s a homosexual what should I do
  63. Still born baby funeral 
  64. Breastfeeding 
  65. My father passed away, should I repay his debt
  66. Christmas plays in school
  67. Using credit card to book umrah
  68. Celebrating Christmas with my non-Muslim children
  69. Wudu while reading Quran from phone
  70. Can I be around my friends if they are drinking in the pub
  71. Inheritance money from alcohol business 
  72. Should I sever Ties With My Extended Family Because My Parents Did So 
  73. Can a Muslim women see a male physician 
  74. Seeing my mother in a dream
  75. Is it more sinful for a women who already wears hijab to take it off
  76. Qibla direction
  77. Buying and selling shares
  78. Having a dog as a pet
  79. Inheritance in Islam
  80. Hijama in Islam
  81. Women going out wearing makeup
  82. Cheating on exams
  83. Vinegar in cooking
  84. Men wearing accessories and long hair
  85. Death anniversary 
  86. Father’s harsh treatment