This podcast is dedicated to making sense of Islam today. I, like you, am constantly navigating the various worlds and spaces I occupy. Aided with my two decades of formal Islamic education, and mixed with my entrepreneurial  background, I try to share some insights that have helped me in this quest. I hope you find this useful!


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Ep. 41: Islamic Holidays #4: The Birth of the Prophet

Ep. 40: Thoughts on Islam and the Workplace, pt. 2

Ep. 39: Islamic Principles #10: Plurality in Islamic Law

Ep. 38: Thoughts on Islam and the Work Place

Ep. 37: Celebrations and Holidays #3: The Month of Ṣafar

Ep. 36: Islamic Principles #9: The Meta-Goals of Islamic Law

Ep. 35: Islamic Principles #8: Renewing Usul al-Fiqh

Ep. 34: Islamic Principles #7: Abrogation

Ep. 33: Islamic Celebrations & Holidays #2: ‘Ashura

Ep. 32: Islamic Celebrations & Holidays #1: New Year’s

Ep. 31: Islamic Principles #6: Juristic Methodology

Ep. 30: Islamic Principles #5: The Arabic Language

Ep. 29: Islamic Principles #4, The Patterns of Creation

Ep. 28: Islamic Principles #3, Understanding the Quran

Ep. 27: Islamic Principles #2: Mercy

Ep. 26: Islamic Principles #1: Why Were We Created?

Ep. 25: Thoughts on Change

Ep. 24: Three Sharia Hacks to Make Life Easier

Ep. 23: Fasting and Praying while Traveling

Ep. 22: Islamic Spirituality, pt.5

Ep. 21: Islamic Spirituality, pt.4

Ep. 20: Islamic Spirituality, pt.3

Ep. 19: Islamic Spirituality, pt.2

Ep. 18: The Power of Supplication

Ep. 17: Islamic Spirituality, pt.1

Ep. 16: The First Friday in Ramadan 1439/2018

Ep. 15: Prophetic Models of Coexistence, pt5

Ep. 14: The 15th of Sha’ban and the Change of the Qibla

Ep. 13: Prophet Models of Coexistence, pt4

Ep. 12: The 15th of Sha’ban

Ep. 11: Prophetic Models of Coexistence, Pt3

Ep.10: The Night Journey of the Prophet

Ep. 9: Prophetic Models of Coexistence, Pt2

Ep.8: Introduction to the Prophetic Models of Coexistence, Pt1

Ep. 7: The Cave

Ep. 6: The Month of Rajab

Ep 5: How Good are our Mosques Really?

Ep. 4: Relying on our own actions, or Relying on God?

Ep. 3: Removing Harm

Ep. 2: Three Rules to Understand Islam

Ep. 1: What if the Prophet Came Right Now?